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FANCI @ CES Las Vegas 2016

January, 05 2016 - January, 08 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center, Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, Stati Uniti

Impressive FANCI news from the CES-2016 demonstration which took place last week in Las Vegas. Not only was the demonstration impactful, but it also attracted the interest of the Press, and some were very quick to carry the story.

Harman hosted the FANCI demonstrator at CES 2016 in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas) in Jan 5-8 2016, and presented the project, partners, efforts, current and future developments and overall vision of the project. Due credit was given to the EC for its funding participation.

The demonstrator was located in a room with tables, food and live music. Thanks to HARMAN hosts, many of the groups that were scheduled to tour the main exhibit were also accompanied to see the FANCI demonstrator. The visitors that saw the demonstrators had the possibility to absorb the presentation undisturbed and focused.

Typical presentations were between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on follow up questions and interest. Interviews with journalists were mostly 30 min to 1 hour. Overall over 30 presentations were held, and we gathered interest from large automotive manufacturers such as Tesla, GM and Ford. Also RV makers were brought over to get the presentation and showed interest in the project. Multiple media groups and analytics companies (who advise the automotive OEMs on the upcoming trends and hot technologies) also expressed interested in the project and understood/supported the need for this kind of sensor fusion technology and research.

Most interest and engagement were around the following features/catch-phrases:

o   Select the context with your eyes and express the modification to the context with gestures – the multimodal aspect and the fact that the driver can just glance at something, put the eyes back on the road and then perform a gesture to modify a value, made a lot of sense to most people and OEMs.

o    Multiple profiles and seamless authentication to allow the vehicle to enforce security and driver’s limitations (in the case of a household with a teenage driver) but also to store everyone’s settings and in case of multiple vehicles

o    Live sensor view detecting the emotions that the Harman presenter acted out, had a big wow-factor and everyone was very entertained and surprised to see this feature while at the same time understanding and agreeing on the integration of this technology in the vehicle (and other applications). We also explained how this is not the same as drowsiness, and that being tired is not a mood!

The overall idea of sensing the user better and having a deeper understanding of the user for any system that has to interact with humans, was completely understood and agreed on.


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FANCI @ CES Las Vegas 2016

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January, 05 2016 - January, 08 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center, Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, Stati Uniti

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