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KickOff Meeting – Lausanne 2015

January, 19 2015 - January, 20 2015

EPFL, Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

The first meeting of FANCI consortium!!!

In Lausanne we started this adventure…

Day 1

  • Introduction of partners (CEVA, HARMAN, Tobii, SoftKinetic, KeyLemon, NViso, UoS)
  • Project Management & Admin – Itsik Arbel (CEVA)
  • Project Officer Horizon & 2020 Highlights – Philippe Gelin (Fanci Project Officer, UE)
  • Project requirements – Hans Roth (HARMAN)
  • Development platform options – Shay Adar (CEVA)
  • Proposals for SW perspective, user Intent, APIs – Tim Llewellynn (NViso)

Day 2

  • End application & WP1 planning – Davide diCenso (HARMAN)
  • Prototype platform – Ilse Ravyse (SoftKinetic)
  • Platform architecture – Hans Roth (HARMAN)
  • SW APIs and user sensing, user state framework features – Tim Llewellynn (NViso)
  • Website – Daniel Kaempf (NViso)
  • Dissemination policies – Claudia Zoppetti (UoS)

Wrap up


The purpose of the meeting is to launch the project, set up management, administration and technical
procedures in the consortium as well as to start the work in the WPs. Work to agree on target output
demo for CES 2016 (first year output). During the meeting the following issues will be covered:

  • Partners introduction
  • EC project administration and reporting
  • Technical issues: project timeline, risk management, major milestones
  • Management procedures in the consortium – the responsibilities of General Assembly, IPR team,
    ethical board, etc.
  • Financial issues related to the project

FANCI Contact Person

Tim Llewellynn, nViso
Tel: +41 (21) 6938511


KickOff Meeting – Lausanne 2015

Event details

January, 19 2015 - January, 20 2015

EPFL, Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

This is a private event.

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