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SoftKinetic® is the leading end-to-end provider of 3D vision and natural gesture recognition solutions. These include 3D CMOS Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, cameras and modules as well as multi-platform 3D scanning and 3D gesture recognition middleware. This complete 3D vision platform covers a wide range of use cases – automotive, PC, TV, mobile, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, robotics etc. – and numerous applications. For more information, please visit

FANCI Related Technology

DepthSense Technology

DepthSense® is SoftKinetic’s patented time-of-flight depth sensor. The sensor measures the time it takes for infrared light emitted from the camera to return – the time-of-flight – and transforms the positional data into real-time, 3D RGB images, as well as greyscale confidence and depth map images. DepthSense cameras for close interaction deliver real-time 3D distance data from 15cm to 1m at up to 60fps. They combine a patented time-of-flight depth sensor, a RGB sensor and 2 microphones. DepthSense cameras are available as development kits as well as white label products for consumer electronics and home entertainment OEMs.

Hand Tracking Middleware

Fully integrated with DepthSense technology, SoftKinetic’s Close Interaction Library (CILib) provides position and orientation tracking of 2 hands palm, individual finger tips tracking and poses recognition. The middleware supports multiple mechanisms to catch, hold, move, release and click on objects. It offers instant recognition of hand poses such as two-finger pinching, full hand grasping, dynamic and close states as well as number recognition, regardless of hand orientation or position.


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  • Ilse Ravyse
  • Tel: +32 2 888 42 60

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