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Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking. We transform industries and lives through humanized technology, using eye tracking as our core. Our vision is a world where all technology works in harmony with natural human behavior.

About Tobii Tech

Tobii Tech is a division of Tobii AB (publ). Our main focus is to create new user experiences in consumer tech, and to drive eye tracking integration projects with partners.

Tobii eye tracking enables you to offer a completely new user experience on consumer devices such as computers, tablets and peripherals. Our eye tracking is Intuitive, natural and blazingly fast, and with it everyday productivity apps, specialized software and games all become more engaging and effortless to control. It’s a powerful and natural user interface that improves the experience of your product.

If you want to bring a seamless eye tracking experience to mainstream consumer products, no other solution comes close to Tobii’s technology. It’s proven to work for almost anyone. Consistent accuracy is unmatched, and the system allows large head movements for a very natural feel.

Tobii has a global presence through offices in Sweden (Headquarters), USA, China, Japan, Germany and Norway and a global network of resellers. The company has 600 employees worldwide.

FANCI related technology

Tobii EyeX eye tracking works in harmony with existing controls, such as mouse, keyboard, touch and voice to enhance the experience rather than replace established behavior.

The learning curve is minimal as the EyeX interaction concepts unlock the most natural and intuitive behaviors to click, scroll, zoom and select. Be inspired by out-of-the-box functionality in apps and games already enabled.

Underneath it all is Tobii EyeCore™, the world’s leading eye-tracking algorithm core. It’s packed with the most advanced image-processing algorithms and sophisticated mathematical models to map the complexities and diversities of the human eye.

Tobii EyeCore has been developed over five major platform generations. Millions of eyes have helped to test and refine it, spanning all types of users, eyewear, challenging ambient light conditions and much more.

Our core technologies – hardware, algorithms and user experiences – are protected by over 100 granted and pending patents worldwide.



The Tobii Automotive platform is tailored to the specific demands of the sector. Add the most reliable driver status detection to existing safety systems. Or define an effective way to control vehicle settings, navigation and infotainment systems without taking your hands off the wheel.


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