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University of Siena

Vislab – Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics

The research group VISLab (Vision and SMART sensors Lab) has the main focus on safety related to public and private locations, objects and people. The research activity is dedicated to real-time and multisensory monitoring of actions/interactions taking place in complex situations. The research group deals with: signal and image processing, RGB-D processing, data fusion, 3D object recognition, gesture tracking and recognition. The fields of application are:

  • Mobility and traffic analysis/management
  • Moving agents tracking/classification in crowded and complex environments
  • Detection and protection for Vandalism / intrusion prevention of property and environments
  • Ambient Intelligence for the elderly and disabled
  • Recognition and interpretation of gestures and actions
  • Assisted interaction human-machine-environment
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Protection and fruition of Cultural Heritage

FANCI Related Technology

Multisensory and Multimodal processing, Distributed Wired/Wireless Sensor
Networks, Transmission Architectures and Techniques, Data Fusion, Advanced
Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision, Range Image Processing, 3D
Object Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Action Recognition.
Development of innovative systems for:

  • real-time safety for traffic/railroad monitoring, airport/bank video
  • analytics, person re-identification
  • ambient intelligence and assisted interactions human-machine-environment
  • signal and image interpretation in the biomedical field and for hospital and elderly-people-at-home assistance

The research group VISLab released various software frameworks for real scenario surveillance, fully operational:

  • Monitoring system for the fountain (named Biancone) located in Piazza della Signoria, Florence (work developed in collaboration with the City Hall of Florence)
  • Monitoring system for the monument, named Silenzio Ascoltate (by Mario Ceroli) located in Piazza Bambine e Bambini di Beslan, Florence (work developed in collaboration with the City Hall of Florence)
  • Monitoring system for preventing patient falls in hospital rooms (work developed with the collaboration of Ospedale Le Scotte di Siena, cardiology division)

All the applications are developed entirely within the VISLab with no use of external software libraries, constituting an original work in terms of ability of implementation of both software techniques and processing knowledge. The framework is structured as a comprehensive library for image processing with a core, which includes the basic functionalities. The work is implemented in C++, following the object oriented paradigms of re-usability, scalability and optimization for high performances.

Original algorithms for 2D image and 3D Point Cloud Processing have been developed with multi-thread support, providing a suitable software system for interfacing with multisensory network.


  • VISLAB Laboratory
  • Site DIISM, Palazzo San Niccolò
  • Via Roma 56
  • 53100 Siena, Italy


  • Alessandro Mecocci
  • Tel: +39 0577234850 (int 1055)

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