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FANCI @ CES2016 – Feedbacks & feelings

January, 13 2016


As you may know, FANCI has been presented at CES 2016, Las Vegas. A first prototype has been hosted by HARMAN with an impressive demonstrator platform. Take a look of what reactions triggered the FANCI platform!!!

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Fanci watches your eyes – and mood – while you drive

“European consortium FANCI brought a concept dashboard to CES 2016, able to track facial movement, gestures, eye movement and even your mood. (…) Safety researchers know that drivers often look away from the road, sometimes at critical moments. A few automakers have already implemented head-tracking systems, that can sound an alert if you spend too much time looking away from the road. Similarly, these systems can detect if you are getting drowsy while driving, and suggest pulling over.”

Read the full article at CNES!!!

CES 2016 focuses on the driver, and the game-changing Chevy-Bolt EV

” … we saw so many futuristic dashboard concepts that we put them together in our Dashboards of the future gallery.”

Read the full article at gconew!!!

The latest in-car tech on show at CES has an eye on luxury and on driver distraction

“… a new way of keeping a close eye on drowsiness, stress and distraction via a single, driver-facing camera.”

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IBM Analytics – Turn your emotions into full interpretable data

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The best and the worst gadget from CES 2016

“… some of the new gadgets and devices unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas, ranked in order from “When can I buy that?” to “Why did they make that?” …”

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Automotive Trends from CES 2016

read full article to glimpse at the incoming future for autonomous cars


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