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Face Authentication for Teenagers Curfew

  • Stephen is 18 years old and a new driver with little experience. It is 10pm and he is about to drive to a friend’s house in heavy rain. His parents, the owners of the vehicle, have already set his curfew times. When Stephen enters the car, the face authentication module (KL) identifies him, and due to the fact that it is past his set curfew and the weather conditions are hazardous, he is prevented from driving the vehicle.
  • In other words:
  • By using KeyLemon authentication capabilities, the system can prevent teenagers in the family from driving when it is dark or when weather conditions are deemed inappropriate based on general or pre-set criteria.
  • This kind of access control can be enforced by the system only in cases that concern driving from home to somewhere else. Driving back home would likely be allowed in order to avoid getting a teenager stranded somewhere. The FANCI system is able to tell whether a journey originates at home or elsewhere by using GPS coordinates, and these access controls can be edited in the system settings or preferences.

Technology used

  • Biometric Authentication

  • Infotainment System

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