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Smart Music Players

  • Francesco is going to start a journey by car and loves to listen to music. He starts the car and picks an “initial” song from his “discography” loaded on the virtual assistant (HRMN) – he can select tracks for example with a virtual interaction, like shaking his hand or swiping in front of the virtual assistant. First of all, he is identified as Francesco by the identification module (KL): this enables the system to load Francesco’s pre-identified preferences and store new information at the end of the drive. He is tracked along the journey by the eye-tracking module (TOB), the expression-monitoring module (NV) and the hand-tracking module (SKS). While he’s driving and listening to a fixed number of tracks (let’s say a “calibration” buffer of songs), some emotions are processed. During this sort of playlist, it could be possible that:
    • Francesco shows a happy/smiling/relaxed expressions: he possibly makes related gestures when listening to the random tracks (e.g. keeping the beat on the steering wheel). The virtual assistant takes note of his musical taste and automatically nudges the music choices in the direction of the tunes that the driver is enjoying the most.
    • Francesco shows bored/sad/displeased expression: the virtual assistant automatically skips the songs that Francesco dislikes and tries to propose new ones he seems to enjoy more based on the mood he is in today.

The system will take in consideration whether it should be matching or compensating for the driver’s mood. If the driver is in a happy state, the system will match and try to maintain the driver in that state. In the case that the driver is in a sad or otherwise low mood, the system will start by matching but slowly try to bring the driver’s mood higher gradually so not to annoy the driver with completely contrasting music choices.

  • When someone else gets inside the vehicle, the FANCI system tries to identify the passenger. If these passengers have a stored profile in the vehicle, the system merges their music preferences together with the driver’s preferences to create a playlist that would please all.
  • Similarly, if the system identifies children are in the car, songs with explicit contents are pulled out of the playlist and not played.

Technology used

  • Biometric Authentication

  • Emotion Tracking

  • Hand Gesture

  • Eye Gaze

  • Infotainment System

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